Mission Statement.  Our mission is to serve the small business community by bringing no-fluff legal services to local small business owners. We’re revolutionizing the legal services available to “the little guy” by always striving to be more approachable, friendly, honest, upfront, efficient, and realistic with our clients.

History & Culture.  The Olson Law Firm, PLLC, was founded by Lindsey Olson in July of 2012. The firm caters to small businesses in the DFW area, but focuses on the lakeside community of Rowlett, Rockwall, Heath, Royse City, and Fate. In keeping with our mission statement, the firm is remarkably client-centered. We seek to serve the small business community that is traditionally overlooked by larger firms. We work with our clients, rather than for or against them. It’s critical that every client matter is approached with a real-world view and that each client’s overall circumstances are weighted in any decision or advice given to the client. Our favorite clients are those with a distaste for the legal profession, since that gives us an opportunity to prove that we are unlike any other law firm!